Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday of Woe

Ok, so a quick recap on how the travelling is going this week:

6.05am Monday - Which is no longer a sprinter train anymore, so the trade off is a first class seat for me, but no heating & pot luck whether we actually arrive on time. I manage to walk in the door of the office at 7.16am, so it was an ok run.
4.55pm home, as usual no huge problems, however we did stop for a while between Nth Geelong & Geelong station for no apparent reason for a minute or so.

6.05am Tuesday - must have been a different driver, because we ended up 15 or so minutes late, not really sure where we managed to lose time.

4.55pm home, again no problems, although running slower than normal between Corio & Nth Geelong for some reason.

Then we get to Wednesday, I'm really pushing my luck this week, getting these later trains, but in the interests of good "blogging" I have to get a representative sample of the morning services! Well that's my excuse for a bit of an extra sleep in and I'm sticking to it.

So this morning I caught the 6.20am, managing to catch up with a friend and work collegue who is my travelling companion on the 4.55pm, he shall be named "Da Writer" to protect his identity & reputation.

Depending on what music I'm listening to on my u-beaut iRiver mp3 and how the train is going, I can usually be sure of where we are when I open the peepers for a quick peek. This morning, rather than somewhere between Footscray & Nth Melbourne, I instead saw the refineries of Altona ... hmmmm not looking good.

Gradually our pace slowed, not quite to a crawl, but not far off. Eventually we reach Newport, stop & promisingly depart once more. Then the dreaded slow down & stop. Couldn't quite decide where we were, and to his credit the conductor did announce quite quickly we were delayed because of a broken down train further ahead.

A twenty-five minute wait then ensued before we again slowly made our way again. Finally arriving and getting to work just after 8.05am or so, only about 30 minutes late or so.

4.55pm home, again no real hassles except a notable slow down after Corio. Definitely something go on around there for speed restrictions, just really annoying when you are getting so close to home!

Will be trying the 5.28am tomorrow morning, as haven't travelled on that for a few days now, plus (fingers crossed) want to try for the 4.07pm tomorrow ....

And today was a caffeine free day, very silly of me!


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