Thursday, May 19, 2005

50/50 Chances

Thursday rolls around with the anticipation of the weekend on its crest & I managed to catch the 5.28am service to Melbourne (the very first train service of the morning).

All is ok until we have almost reached Spencer Street station. A few hundred metres short of the platforms we stop. Around three or four minutes pass & I see a strange flash whisk by ... yep another sighting of the elusive V'Locity Train, off on a trip with no-one on board, normally seen parked by the useless Sprinter trains at the Spencer St yard. I have a theory now, I reckon that they only have one train which they run around & make it look like we are going to get new ones soon .... well paint me green & call me a martian if they are in service on the Geelong line before the end of the year (you read it here first!).

Anyway, only 5 minutes late on the morning train when the driver finally decided which of the 14 free platforms he was going to park at.

In the afternoon, I try my luck at the 16.40 Service, quite crowded but get a seat next to a friend & work colleague who is often a regular 5.28am commuter as well (he of the nimble jump off train whilst moving trick).

Bad luck got me, we were 15 minutes late leaving due to an "electrical fault", but as it is an "express" service, we made up a few minutes and only arrived at Geelong Station around 10 minutes later than normal.

Par for the course really ... at least its Friday tomorrow, it can't get worse can it? With odds like these V/Line should start its own casino, the house will always win & us punters will lose all the more often.


Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Now I'm really starting to believe Connex is actually pretty good!

20/5/05 5:03 am  

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