Friday, June 03, 2005

The week in review

Well, I had my 5 seconds of fame (or is that infamy?) courtesy of an article in the Age, which mostly talked about connexwhinger, however my blog was linked at the end. Copped a bit of flak from some guy who was also linked in the article, obviously he doesn't like people like connexwhinger expressing their opinion.

Whilst he raised some salient & interesting points (re: Kennett-era), agentfareevader I have to say to you that entitled to your own opinion as you are, remember not all opinions are worth listening to & frankly, unless you've travelled on the Geelong>Melbourne line as a commuter for the past few years, you are sadly mistaken if you think you are remotely qualify as having an opinion on the quality or reliability of the service. And as for saying "my inside contacts say it is getting better" ... pull the other one mate, it plays jingle bells.

'Nuff said.

Apart from a rather amusing "back up the train" incident on the 6.05am service on Monday morning (when we had obviously been routed to the wrong platform at spencer st) and the obligatory 10-15 minute lateness on two days this week, the 6.05am service was surprisingly nearly on time. 4.55pm ran OK & the Tuesday when I caught the 6.28pm, again on time around 'bouts.

It was with resignation that I read the notice I found on my seat on Thursday morning, yet more line closures for several weeks & back to buses from Geelong to Melbourne ... I mean, come on! Seriously, how many times do you have to close the track? This is the third time & in total probably over 3 months worth of closures in the past 18 months. Why can't all the work be scheduled to be done all at once?

Regardless, at least it will only impact me for a few days from the 11th of June, as hopefully by the 20th I'll be staying in Pt Melbourne & experiencing something new, regular travelling by Yarra Trams to the CBD for around 6 weeks. Hmmm so the blog will have to temporarily be called "yarratramwhinger" ??? ;-)


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