Friday, February 24, 2006

Fawlty "V/Line" Towers

Well after a long absence, I'm back.

My whinging abilities have been rejuvenated in a two day crucible of V/Line failures and abject incompetance.

This blog will end up being too long so I will try to keep to point form.

1st Class ticket holders may as well give up on peak hour as V/Line's official policy is that they don't care that V'locity trains are one class and essentially anyone holding a 1st class ticket is travelling at a 'premium' but getting less service. Here's a few reasons why:

* Leg room is less than 1st class (I'll measure it when i get a chance)
* no Trays on back of seats

* Seats do not recline
* no footrests
* seats are marginally smaller in width.

The only "extra" is that they have a middle armrest which means you can make the fatties who sit next to you suffer instead of squashing you with their blubber.

(sorry I'm not feeling politically correct today)

Also, the new trains do not have curtains, and the window tint is inadequate to cut out the glare from the afternoon sun.

How the hell these trains got into service I do not know, they certainly do not meet the requirements of Geelong commuters. Especially when people are still standing up on the 6-car configurations.

For 2 nights I have attempted to catch the 4.55pm & both times have ended up on a V'locity train (and other people have had to stand up on this service, luckily I got a seat).

The simple fact is that if V-line is selling 1st class tickets, then they have a duty to ensure at least during peak hours, there is enough 1st class seats available. It is just not acceptable. And there has been NO official communication to 1st class ticket holders. I had to go and ask at the ticket office at Geelong. Somehow after all the aggravation of cancelled services, over-crowding and being late home I managed to stay reasonably polite & civil.

Outside of peak times, I don't have an issue with having a 1st class ticket & travelling with one class (ie economy).

I suspect that eventually they will just make 1st class carriages one class or eliminate them entirely, but that is just speculation.

I also heard that the 6.54am service today broke down at the station and was spraying oil on people who were unfortunate to be close to the locomotive. I know this for a fact as a work-mate has oil flecks all over his shirt. My advice to him was to buy a new shirt and charge V/Line for the expense.

You could not write comedy as good as the incompetence and contempt that V/Line demonstrates to it's customers. Basil Fawlty, move over, V/Line has it all over you!

yes I know many of you would say "move to Melbourne" like "Da Writa" a commuter of 15 years has. However, that is not the point, as personal circumstances prevent that for the moment and I have a reasonable right to expect to get what I pay a premium price for. We as Australians accept crap service too much.
I think politicians, bureaucrats and anyone in charge of transport decision making should have to travel on the services they are in charge of, and travel regularly, not just as a PR stunt.

Anyway, I'm back ... although part of me wishes I don't have material to write this blog with, however with the Commonwealth Games on soon, I can only predict V/Line will have ample opportunity to demonstrate their incompetance.

/whinge mode off!


Anonymous Cooper said...

Welcome back,

Funny that a carriage made in the 1930's can still be used as daily transport and charged at such a high rate.

I guess you cant blame the engines for spewing oil with the current Maintenance vline puts into their trains. They should go back to Steam Engines, they would fit rite in with the 1930's carriages.

24/2/06 12:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are full of bullshit the carriges are not from the 1930s the locos and carriges are serviced every month so shut up and get on a push bike and see how you go that goes for all of you

2/9/07 5:23 pm  

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