Saturday, June 18, 2005

The adventures of Bus-Man & his off-sider Tram-Boy

After a long weekend, it was back to buses for a few weeks whilst more 'upgrades' are made to the Geelong line. I wonder if this means we might have the V'locity trains running before the end of this year? Certainly they seem capable of it, as evidenced by one sitting at Geelong Station for a few days this week!

One thing V/Line have got running smoothly is the replacement bus services. In fact, I've heard some commuters voice the opinion that they run a better bus service between Geelong & Melbourne than a train service.

Unfortunately for those of us with 'first class' tickets, we lose out a bit at these times. I'm not really complaining as my ticket ran out on the 15th, and I've been in Melbourne since then and catching a Yarra Tram to and from work.

Yep, I'm the stupid guy who can't put his ticket in the right way to be validated!

I had to assume that the tram breaking down on the way home on Thursday night was the Universe's subtle attempt at humour. Thankfully there was another one just behind it, so it was no real problem.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, love your blog.
2nd day of trains being back and VLine's efficiency & customer service shines through. To let out some steam the 5.13pm train was cancelled. Don't know what the trouble was VLine never explained. Was advised to catch the 5.29 which was leaving from Platform 14 (so far away! - especially when you had to walk the Spencer Street Maze to get to platform 6 in the first place). I explained I needed to get to Sth Geelong and was told to wait for the 5.47. Since I catch the 6.20am waiting another 35+ minutes did not appeal. So many others and I crammed on the 5.29. (My sympathy goes out to those who got on at Nth Melbourne and had to stand up.)First the conductor said the 5.29 was keeping to the schedule & terminating at Geelong, but probably due to a lot of pressure 5 minutes later advised that we would stop at Sth Geelong. At least that was something. Thanks for reading my whinge. Feel much better now.

5/7/05 9:51 pm  

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