Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A new month starts but the same crap service continues.

V/Line got me again this morning.

I planned to travel to work a bit later this morning, as I had a guest stay over last night & didn't exactly want to make them rush to leave at 6.00am this morning!

So anyway, I arrive in time for what I think might be the 7.46am or thereabouts. Standing on the platform for about 2 minutes & an announcement comes over advising that the next train has been cancelled and replaced with a road coach.

Murphy's Law!

We eventually get to Melbourne just after 9.00am or so.

I heard that the 7.21am V'locity service stopped in between Corio & Lara for no discernible reason (nor was one given for the delay). So perhaps this morning was just a bad one for V/line.

Nothing new, more crap service for passengers.

Only good thing was the coach was more or less there, so no real waiting around.

Needless to say, V/Line gets a big fat raspberry from me in regards to trusting them to get me home on time & with no hassles tonight. I've arranged a lift with a friend who is driving.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heard that it was the 0545 train that broke down at little river.- this train makes the 742 out of south geelong. would help if they at least gave us the correct info instead of s&!t excuses!!

19/3/06 3:25 am  

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