Thursday, March 02, 2006

Predicting V/Line's Bad Service ... not hard!

Last night it seems that my decision to not rely on V/Line was well justified, as the 4.40pm service was cancelled and replaced with buses. Apparently not enough buses as after the last one left people were still standing waiting.

The 4.55pm (which usually terminates at Geelong) did not get extended through to Sth Geelong (which in most circumstances it does if the 4.40pm is cancelled). Great service yet again!

This morning I caught my old regular train (6.44am) which always used to have two 1st Class and for a while now it seems to have lost that 2nd carriage. I was not surprised to find the carriage was packed even before the first pickup at Nth Geelong. Pity the 1st class passengers wanting to get on at Lara, no wonder on the 6.20am 1st class carriage has many getting on at Lara, they would never get a seat on the next service.

I can't understand why a peak hour service that so obviously enjoys good patronage actually loses resources.
Thankfully I only have to survive tonight's journey home, although I may see if I can get a ride home again with my friend who is driving.

I wonder if V/Line actually did a customer service survey they would actually get any good results or even satisfactory!


Well V-Line gets me again tonight. I leave work at 4.35pm to catch the 4.55pm train, only to find the lovely customer service people writing up on the whiteboard that the 4.55pm is now replaced by buses. Too bad I have to walk another city block up to the coach terminal in about ten minutes ... F$%K that for a joke. So I wait around for the 5.13pm (which of course is the V'locity train one class, so my 33% extra premium 1st class ticket is made worthless again).

We get to Nth Melb, and wait ... and wait, I look my watch 5.23pm ... so in 10 minutes we've managed to get from Melbourne to Nth Melbourne, yep its gonna be another long trip home.

Finally walk in the door at 6.35pm ... Two hours door to door, thanks V-line! Reliable service once again. My first class ticket expires on the 7th of March ... I have to seriously think about the value I'm getting out of it now.


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