Tuesday, October 24, 2006

From V/Line with love & kisses ....

I'm in a fairly whimsical mood tonight, this being my first day back on the trains after a short break between contract jobs. I'd planned to catch the 5.13pm, but was slightly late away from the new workplace and as it was such a lovely warm afternoon, wasn't really in a hurry to run just to get the last set of traffic lights, hence I missed the 5.13pm.

So I sauntered over to platform 5 to see the familiar sight, no 17.29 sitting there. I looked long and far into the shimmering heat of the yards, no sign of any V'Locity trains. Ahhh, I chuckled to myself, of course ... the first 'hot' day we get this week and of course, the trains break down.

Turns out I wasn't far wrong.

When we eventually got going (yes the train did arrive!), they had also cancelled the 5.36pm (so those people had to squeeze onto our train or the 5.47pm, if they were the hapless Lara travellers). The our conductor announced (whilst we were still at the platform) that whomever had pressed the emergency button in one of the carriages should go to the intercom system .... Ummmm how about he actually get out of the train as we are still at the platform?? Logic that obviously escapes me!

Along with numerous (and almost inaudible announcements on the platform about the delay), tonight was an excellent comedy of errors to welcome me back into the V/Line embrace.

When we did arrive at Geelong (around 18.40 or so) there was an announcement about the issue being caused by an earlier defective V'locity ... probably the 4.07?? I heard that got cancelled or something. Yay for the white elephant trains, they seem to be able to win design awards, but not work very well in hot weather :)

My travelling companion was blaming me, calling me a jinx or something. I was rather insulted! Surely V/Line can't be cocking up delibrately to provide me with material for the blog! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heard that the train was late because the driver was late

24/10/06 10:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I travelled last night on the 5.03 pm from Footscray. Got there about 5 to see sign stating 4.23 Geelong and no arrival time.
Checked with 'customer service' Connex staff, who knew nothing and were only there to count passengers. Had no radio so could not find out.
Guy on station, also Geelong traveller, informed me 15 mins before 5 announcement came stating that 4.23 train had left North Melbourne.
Lo and behold next display message was for a Werribee train. Did it leapfrog over the Geelong 4.23? Who knows?
Next thing announcement came that 5.03 was 17 minutes late. Connex apologises for the delay etc. ironic comment that.
5.03 did come packed to the rafters, but managed to get a seat.
Another hot day in commuter land.
Never did find out what happened to the 4.23. Perhaps the Hogwarts Express?

25/10/06 8:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no 407 anymore maybe the 413 was the problem. My friend who travels on the 529 said something about a change to a bendigo train which affected her geelong service.

27/10/06 11:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of the arrivals from Ballarat or bendigo was in front of the 1613 marshall train. but it broke down and it blocked the 1613 train from departing.

28/10/06 8:59 am  
Anonymous Brads small Pecker said...

we miss the winger!!

come forth with fruitfull comments. who should we vote for????

2/11/06 9:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the Liberal government looks good at the moment (not) they want to let everyone travel for free! But will probably try and shut down most of the smaller stations and replace with machines hence no safety for travellers during hours of darkness.
At least labor has tried to provide something for regional passengers with their rail project! Sure the new trains have had teething problems but at the end of the day something is better than nothing. The ride from geelong to melb is now smooth and its good to get on a train that doesnt smell like its 50 years old.

6/11/06 2:17 pm  
Anonymous brads left one said...

Labour it is then

7/11/06 7:46 pm  

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