Monday, August 28, 2006

Comedy Gold!

Seriously, the last week is proving that I don't have to go out of my way to think of petty whinges to write this blog, V/Line manages to provide enough material that it almost writes itself.

I'm pretty tired tonight, after having worked all weekend again, so I will keep it succinct as my bedtime beauty sleep is calling me (I need many hours ... I'm an ugly mofo).

I was planning to catch the 6.28pm tonight, however arrived early enough for the 6.08pm. Bad call, apparently V/Line has a problem with losing drivers now.

I'm serious.

The conductor blew her whistle, waved her hand for several minutes (to signal that we were departing) before realising it was all for naught. There was no driver as she embarrassingly advised us several times, assuring us that surely he couldn't be far away.

6.08pm .... 6.11pm, 6.18pm ..... 6.25pm before she announces again that on Platform 3 the 6.28pm is available for those passengers who want to catch that STOPPING ALL STATIONS train as opposed to the 6.08pm which is an express .... OOPS.

So I jump off and walk briskly to the 6.28pm. Thankfully it has a 1st class carriage (unlike the 6.08pm) so I'm not too fussed by the change of trains. Just glad she finally admitted she had no clue where the driver was and no advice as to a replacement.

Wonderful service V/Line, on top of last Friday's classic shenaningans. Comedy gold.

I can't wait until the much trumpeted new timetable with FAST trains starts next week. I've said it before and I will say it again ... CHAOS will reign! (where is Maxwell Smart when you need him!).

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment!


Anonymous Cooper said...

Classic stuff. The doomed 4.40 has actually been running well lately so I have not had much to be concerned about although it is Friday and they are always late Friday!!!

1/9/06 11:22 am  
Anonymous Jade said...

cant wait to hear your take on the new timetable

6/9/06 6:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new timetable hasn't been too bad for me this week, but I'm still disapointed with only reaching 160kmh.

The first time a train got to 160kmh was in 1904, the train record in the 1930's was 200kmh, the train speed record today is 500kmh+

Why oh why are we doing a pitiful maximum of 160kmh in 2006?
(Its a wonder none of the mass media has picked up on that yet)

7/9/06 6:58 pm  
Anonymous Traveller said...

The so called fast rail aspect was featured on ABC Statewide program tonight at 7 30pm. A boffin pointed out that, at 30kmh faster than a Sprinter, it realy was not fast rail.

Any statisticians out there want to have a go at comparing timetables past? I'd love to know what the peak service was in 1920, 1950 etc...


8/9/06 8:19 pm  
Anonymous jade said...

to Traveller - improvement was needed and you winge improvement was provided and you winge now improvement is needed and you winge.
"at 30kmh faster than a Sprinter, it realy was not fast rail."
if it is the fastest train ran then is it not a fast train.

or should it be called "bit faster" train?

did you need a "Boffin" to tell you all this? most have worked it out themselves

10/9/06 12:45 pm  

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