Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday of Woe

Been off sick last two days and last week I drove/tram 3 days, so today was my first day back on the V/line. Also bit the bullet and bought the $820 10 week 1st Class ticket.

As usual the 6.20am was fine, no probs there.

Not so the 17.29. They lost a V'locity train and in the end herded us all onto 4 V'locity carriages instead of the usual six, as well as being several minutes late to depart. People standing and a slow trip home meaning we are over 20 minutes late ... 45 minute "Flagship" service V/line style!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was on the 1713 and it was almost 20 mins late out of melbourne. it was a slow trip trip to werribee then we stopped and waited for the 1729 to pass us before we started to move again. we were almost 35 mins late by that stage

28/9/06 10:46 am  
Blogger vlinewhinger said...

well that is a first, I never even realised we passed the 17.13! Too busy yakking to my friend!

Hmm interesting!

28/9/06 7:11 pm  

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