Monday, August 21, 2006

Fast Trains sometime soon? Yeah Right!

I'm back on the trains this week, after staying up in Melbourne for most of last week.

It was a nice break from V/Line, but unless I make the move permanently to Melbourne, they will still be my main option to commute.

The introduction of the new FAST trains may be further delayed if this article is on the money:,21985,20194535-661,00.html

Being in IT (and specifically Testing) as my profession. One of the imperatives is to examine everything in the project and see how it will be affected by changes. Something as basic as whether existing locomotives are compatible would be right up there as a requirement. So how was this missed?

To be honest, I think this project was pie-in-sky stuff, they should have just stuck with the track & signals upgrade and adding new carriages and locomotives to the existing fleet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Whinger I used to think you overdid the whinging bit.

Now I'm begining to think you are right on the money!

I cannot believe this latest cockup!


23/8/06 7:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the biggest problem is the drivers inability to adapt to the new technology. makes you feel real safe doesnt it?

some trains will be running at 160 starting this sunday. there will be an interim timetable next week for these services.

23/8/06 8:36 pm  
Anonymous Customer/Passenger said...

how are all the "customers" today?

23/8/06 8:38 pm  

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