Monday, June 06, 2005

A Monday thank you to Connex ....

Monday morning .... 6.05am service, arriving at Spencer St at past 7.30am.

Yep, another great start to the week. However this time I cannot be whinging about V/Line as they are as much a victim as me in this instance.The reason for the delay today was due to an industrial dispute between Connex & it's staff, which resulted in rolling stoppages for 30 minutes on each line.

Unfortunately it happened to hit the line Geelong trains come into the city on, so we arrived at Werribee and didn't move for about 30 mins.

At least our conductor told us fairly promptly, although when we hadn't moved off straight away, I had an inkling what the issue was, having caught the news at home.

Good ol' Connex. Obviously their dispute management skills need a bit of polishing up. Whether it was a delibrate act or pure accident that two opposing parties involved in a workplace harrassment case get rostered on together again who can tell. However why should we be the victims in all this?

Society is to blame!

Another good excuse for a dedicated express track for country trains straight into Spencer (and something which will never happen due tothe cost & practicality of it.)

I wonder how Connex will react if I send them an invoice payable to the company I work for the time I am late this morning?

Now there's an idea :)

Update: 4.55pm was about 5 minutes late, we seemed to really slow down just before Nth Geelong (which is where I suspect alot of the track work will take place in the next few weeks), and annoyingly a complete stop just outside Geelong Station for a minute or two, nothing more frustrating when you are *almost* home! :)


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