Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hump Day

Well 2 "reasonably" okay days in the afternoon (as compared to last week), aside from the over-crowding.

This morning ran OK, I was nice enough to let a woman who got on at Weribbee (and flashed a red card to conductor ... what's the red identity card??) to sit next to me. I'd done the seat on bag trick ... I know, totally bad of me ... however it did prevent me from being "fatty boombahed", I've had my share of that thanks.

Good call on some of the comments on yesterday's blog. Sounds like the Bendigo line has it worse than us. Good to see "Weasel" Batchelor spinning more bull-crap on stuff he clearly has no idea on.

And "Cooper" you are absolutely correct about V/Line. They have no reason to give good service, as there are no repurcussions for the CRAP they give us and call it 'service'.

Maybe if senior V/Line management had to travel on trains ONLY or received performance penalties or salary reductions for consistent issues then we might see some changes.


Anonymous Traveller said...

Arrived Southern Cross to hear a station announcement for all 1640 passengers to Geelong, South and Marshal, advising coach departing at 1630!!! Ran to the coach, to find a Customer service person advising all that the bus was not going to Marshall? After some radio discussion bus now goes to Marshall.

Arrive Marshall at 1800, some ten minutes after the 1640 arrived!!!

You have got to be kidding!! (I felt sorry for the games family with the strung out kids that ran for the bus as well.)

22/3/06 6:31 pm  
Anonymous sore feet said...

traveler, would you have rather stand?
i too caught the bus and it was the first time i have had a seat. this week.

23/3/06 1:30 am  

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