Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm so stupid ?

Got a feedback comment on the previous blog entry:

"overcrowding could be avoided if unhappy souls drove their cars instead of bitching about something they know nothing about."

Well I'm sorry anonymous, but your logic is so flawed that it deserves a blog entry in response. First point is how are we supposed to know the trains will be overcrowded as we do not have access to the same sort of empirical evidence that V/Line has.

Then there's this thing called the Commonwealth Games, you know, where the government has been telling us to all catch public transport and DONT drive?

F#$K you Mr Anonymous, I DO know that I PAY to be taken by train from Geelong to Melbourne and that the service in the past 4 years has become WORSE. That's what I know. I don't know what fairy-land you live in, but I think you need a reality check.

Driving is not an option for me, for the simple reasons of (a) Petrol prices (b) Parking prices & (c) Revenue-raising cameras. Not to mention the other stupid drivers on a road that should be 110 km/h speed limit or more (that's a whole other subject to discuss).

Thanks to connexwhinger for adding his comments too, at least he can see the logic clearly.

Anyway, I'm not "wounded" this morning (as Mr Anonymous calls me), as V/Line is actually on time (6.20am service) and I have the added pleasure of hearing a woman get told off by the conductor for getting on at Werribee.

I'm not sure whether she works for yarra trams or not, but I've been meaning to question V/Line how they can get on as they are essentially suburban travellers. Well, from the conversation it appear they are not supposed to be travelling during the peak hour (which is defined as any train that arrives at Melbourne up until 9.30am.

Not holding my breath for tonight ... no doubt some adventure will ensue! :)


Anonymous Traveller said...

Of course the 1640 was five minutes late departing, and first class was over full again.
No call for the freddy freeloaders to make themselves known, and stand for paying customers...

20/3/06 7:18 pm  
Anonymous sain person said...

i saw no one standing in first class all including myself had a seat. by over full do you mean that you had to sit next to someone? oh the pain!!

21/3/06 2:24 am  
Blogger vlinewhinger said...

Actually "sain" person, if your eyes were actually working, you would have noticed on the 16.40 that quite a few people got on at Nth Melbourne and DIDN'T get a seat in 1st class.

I counted about 8 people, including the stupid guy who didn't realise the blind guy was blind & tried to step over him & sit on his dog.

So pull your head in and stop talking crap.

21/3/06 8:03 am  
Anonymous Traveller said...

Simple logic mate:

Overfull = no seats left and passengers standing and sitting on the floor just outside the sliding door.

1640 = overfull

Happy to sit next to someone, that is why I pay.

Ever notice just how furtive your freeloading freddy flashing copper or transport employee is when asked for a ticket?

The covering hand, the stealthy nod, and the guilty glance up at the poor buggers standing just outside the door.

21/3/06 9:11 am  

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