Thursday, March 09, 2006

Timetables? just for show!

Ok a couple of updates.

I bought a 1st class ticket again (after much consideration).

Remember when I complained about some peak hour services not having a 1st class service (I don't count the 'Vulture' trains (aka V'locity) as 1st class for reasons previously mentioned) and the lady at the ticket office said to me "we advise people when they purchase a 1st class ticket that SOME peak hour services do not have a specific 1st class service".

Well when I bought my ticket the day before last, from the EXACT same lady in the ticket office who had given me this advice ... she didn't tell me that AT ALL. So effectively she LIED! If V/Line were interested in 1st class customers, then they would be sure to issue a bulletin advising of the situation, not leave the staff to just make up stories that they don't remember to stick by even when it came out of their own mouths!

I chopped and changed trains recently & noticed that some services in the morning that previously used to have two 1st class carriages on them, no longer do. Great customer service V/Line!

Last night I must have walked fast down Collins St, because I actually made it to the 16.40 in about 10 minutes from my workplace. Just as well I caught that train, because for whatever reason (it was never announced) after Werribee we ran at a snails pace & ended up arriving at Geelong nearly 20 minutes late.

What good are timetables if you cannot rely on them? Come on V/line ... you can't blame signals, because they've just been totally upgraded! You can't blame a slow train in front, because the tracks now have "passing lanes" so if our express service is being held up by a slow stop all stations train ... then make them pause & let us pass at the appropriate place!

An express service should take 55 minutes not 75! I suppose it could have been worse, they could make the 16.40 a Vulture train service & then we'd be over 30 minutes late for sure!

(another great story I heard about the vulture trains is they actually SWAP the front carriage with back, instead of using the driver cabin at the back carriage & also the locks are easily "tampered with" with anyone who has that knowledge!)

Vulture trains are so named because they are circling the dead carcass of V/line!

A friend sent me a link to an article on the Age today, seems the Geelong Line isn't the only dodgy one that people are complaining about. Good to see our fellow travellers on the Bendigo line are not being left out of the wonderful service that V/Line provides:

Age Article


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why the 4.40 was late was because the 4.07 left Spencer St at 4.31 due to "safety checks". They didn't tell us till the train was leaving the platform (and of course apologised "for any inconvenience caused"). The train itself didn't arrive on the platform till 4.05 anyway and they refused to allow us to board the train (twice - the 2nd time to stnad behind the yellow line). While I understand the necessity for safety checks I'm still p#%$@d off as I was required to be in Geelong for an appointment and had to miss it (after I had specially arranged to leave work early).
I just wish VLine would give explanations sooner rather later or not all. Ah well one can hope.

9/3/06 2:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good too to see that the extra commuter traffic due to the Commonwealth games has not been accomodated in the form of extra carriages. Lots of people standing this morning on the way to melbourne. Seems like carriages are as rare as hen's teeth! Where do they go??

16/3/06 10:02 pm  

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