Monday, April 17, 2006

One year on ...

It is around a year that I started writing this blog. I think almost to the day. A year ago the 16.40 was the train I complained most about, and a year later nothing has really changed.

I know several people who regularly complain to V/Line, so you can be sure they know customers are less than happy with the continual delays, cancellations etc. However as 'Cooper' has said in the past, as V/line is a monopoly, they have no fear of losing business really, unlike say a private bus operator who had to tender for a contracted route for example.

I've had a week or so off work and been busy with this and that and just noticed the comments on the blog over the last few days (for some reason my MSN Messenger has stopped alerting me to new emails ... )

I really can't add to anything more that has been said, other than what I have said in the past. I pay for a service that is not being delivered as much as it should be. I try not to "attack" the front line workers (ie conductors) my criticisms lay squarely with the senior management of V/Line and the State Government.

The priority should be public transport. It doesn't take much forethought to see that the days of private cars being a viable option for transport are fairly numbered. Government & operators should have a long range plan to improve infrastructure and linking services between Metropolitian and regional centres, it is the more efficient means of transporting people and goods.

As for the reasons why I do this blog, well ... as I've mentioned before, it is carthartic at times to vent a bit of spleen. I should not have to justify myself to individuals whose arguments consist of attacking me as a person for expecting to get a service I pay for. To speak on your level ... next time you go to McDonalds wearing your Moccassins and checked shirt, would you accept no fries & a stale bun served up to you 15 minutes after you ordered?


Tomorrow sees me back on the trains for the first time in a week. I better remember to buy a ticket tomorrow morning! Will return to more regular updates hopefully, although I do intend to stay in Melb a few nights the coming week or two.


Anonymous Cooper said...

There are two types of people on this blog, those who know what is really going on and those that get a tingle in their loins whenever they see a V/line train.

After another year of travelling the prices have gone up yet the heaters still don’t work when it is cold, the air conditioners don’t work when it is hot, we are still in our 1930's carriages unless we are lucky enough to travel in the curtainless velocity trains. What’s more is while putting up with all of that, they still can’t run a service on time.

Good old V/line.

18/4/06 3:33 pm  
Anonymous Jade said...

Why dont you take it up with management? people i know actually read all the comments and bloggs and just laugh, if u want something done, then get off your arses and do it. bloggs get you no where

20/4/06 5:42 am  
Anonymous simon said...

Jade i hear you are the girlfreind of a staff member why the hostility? is your partener in "crime" one of the appethetic ones??
that would certainly explain the laughter.
are you sure they are laughing WITH you??

20/4/06 7:16 am  
Anonymous Traveller said...

Het Whinger, could you generate a standard set of response the Apologists could choose from:

"You couldn't do any better"
"I'll come and look at you working and complain about YOUR performance"
"Instead of complaining, YOU fix it"

That's right Jade, if someone stuffs my lunch order at the club, I just jump right over the counter and make it myself.

Sorry if I sound harsh, I've been building a car down at Fords all week after mine fell apart. That'll fix em eh!!

20/4/06 7:06 pm  
Anonymous Jade said...

Simon i dont know where u heard that mate.

and vline whinger i am only shit stirring you, there has to be someone who gets on here whos a pain in the arse. Yes vline stuff up, but who doesnt? I like the "vulture" trains, but the only thing i dont like is that they have no first class. A mnthly first class is fairly expensive so of course myself and you and other people are going to crack it when they pay all that money for F.C and the V trains are on instead of the big trains.

21/4/06 6:45 pm  
Anonymous simon said...

my my how you have changed your tune "Jade".
you almost sound customer freindly ;)
good way to "dumb it down" by saying "Big trains" instead of trains that dont have "F.C"

22/4/06 8:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning,

I must say, the title Vline Whinger is certainly a most appropriate one. I am a Geelong commuter, and travel on many of the same trains you've mentioned and experience many of the same difficulties you have. However, I don't think that these inconveniences are all that you make them out to be. Sure, on rare occasions I must stand, but I am never crushed in like I almost invariably am on Connex trains. Secondly, I have used public transport systems all over the world, and train systems in particular suffer many of the same headaches that V/Line does... however V/Line make a point of offering replacement coaches when it is able to and never have I been left stranded with V/Line as I have been in almost every other part of the world where trains eight hours appart can be cancelled and passengers left to sleep on cold platforms. And I am talking developed countries such as The United States of America. Also, comparitively, I do not believe the cost of public transport in Australia to be high at all. In England and other European nations, the cost of public transport is downright prohibitive.
I do believe V/Line have some issues that they need to work through, and by all accounts I believe those issues are being addressed. In the mean time, I am more than happy to continue travelling with what is to me an affordable, generally reliable and exceptionally safe way to commute to work.

26/4/06 11:54 am  
Anonymous simon said...

Dear Mr/Mrs anonymous

From your lovely story i have come to the conclusion that you are indeed an employee of Vline.
Therefore sceptacism fills my heart

You Said;
"I do believe V/Line have some issues that they need to work through, and by all accounts I believe those issues are being addressed."

Could you please tell us the issues you speak of and how you believe they are being addressed.

Better yet let us know who it is you speak too to gain satisfaction to the level you speak of?

28/4/06 10:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you OK Vline whinger?!

8/5/06 6:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

somebody call 911!!!!!

11/5/06 7:20 am  

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