Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where is the Whinger?

Has he self-immolated in a ball of rage? Fallen off the perch? Given up on the 9 ~ 5 rat-race and found a mountain to sit on & become a Guru Hermit?

Well not exactly.

The boring answer is I had Easter>extra leave, got pretty sick, so had sick leave & then the only day I actually went to work I was made redundant along with 40 of my colleagues (such is the nature of IT sector at times).

Ironically I bought a montly ticket on that day too & when I eventually went home for the 4.07pm, you guessed it, it wasn't at the platform & was late arriving. Hehe, I had to laugh.

So I've been enjoying sleeping in for the past few weeks, but will be back on the train irregularly & hopefully regularly as I start looking for a job in earnest this week.


Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Heard that rumour VLW. Good luck in the job hunt - CW.

19/5/06 5:19 am  
Anonymous Jade said...

maybe you should approach V/Line for a Job.you know all of the problems and would know exactly how to fix it.
i could see you being a great asset to Vline and the travelling public being an expert and all i'm sure you'll have no problems getting a job with them!!!!

19/5/06 7:40 am  
Anonymous Traveller said...

Oh the horror...

Anyone see the Bracks transport release? Big dollars to be spent on country rail passenger rolling stock... after 2011 !!! Seriously.

Hey Jade, why don't YOU approach V-line customer service for a job. I'd love to hear you on the PA telling us "nyeh nyeh why don't YOU fix it"
Just amazing, you really think the unsatisfied customer should fix the problem?

(Makes mental note to carry pockets full of loco and signal spares)

19/5/06 8:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does it want to make you go back to your previous job?

23/5/06 1:48 pm  
Anonymous Maureen said...

We'd take you back here but we're at capacity with our team...
Im always happy to give you a reference though.

6/6/06 1:16 pm  
Blogger vlinewhinger said...

Thanks Maureen, but I always have a policy "never go backwards".

22/7/06 10:26 am  

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