Saturday, July 22, 2006

Well I'm Back .........

So said a particular character in a novel (and movie) at one stage. About the only thing I share in common with him is I do have slightly hairy feet.

It was a nice three months of being away from regular train travel (aside from 3 occasions), but in this day and age, you still have to find a way and means to pay the bills so I finally got my act together and secured some more gainful full-time employment. I've been back on V/Line since last Tuesday.

Aside from the rather large chunk that a 10-week 1st ticket took out of my credit card, there really haven't been any surprises ... Spencer St ... err Southern Cross Station still isn't finished, and we still seem to crawl along in certain places, so the idea of a fast express service between Geelong and Melbourne is still a joke.

I'm mostly riding on the 6.44am in the mornings and coming back on the 5.29pm (have to trek to platform 14 at Spencer & usually it's a few minutes late due to having to share that platform with Connex services).

But not too much whinging to be had thus far, early days yet however!


Anonymous Cooper said...

Welcome back Mr Whinger,

I look forward to seeing how it all goes on your service. I have to say the 4.40 seams to be running ok at the moment. The 6am one is still colder than a penguins balls though.

25/7/06 3:58 pm  

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