Thursday, December 07, 2006

50th Whinge!

Woohoo, I just noticed this is whinge number fifty about V/line's crappy service to Geelong.

Tonight was no exception. At least they actually managed to get the 17.13 running tonight, albeit 4 minutes late from departing the platform. Hopes were dashed as we stopped before even clearing the end of platform 3. Indeed, it took nearly ten minutes to even get past the Latrobe St Overpass and out of the yards proper, a new record I think.

Total travel time ended up being another 25 minutes late. At least I got to travel in 1st Class comfort and not jammed into a V'locity.

Even the conductor tonight was making comments about "we should get to Geelong, sometime before 7pm?" I feel for the front line customer service staff, I really do. They are just as powerless when cock-ups happen as us passengers.

The real blame lies at the feet at the senior management of V/Line and of other bodies such as DOI and EDI and the State Government. Trains have been around for nearly 150 years plus ... how F#@#ng hard is it to get it right? You bunch of morons!

I can live with the occasional inconvenience, maybe once a week ... but THREE days in a row! Blistering Barnacles!

I remain skeptical as to whether tomorrow will be any different, after all it is a Friday. Roll on the really hot weather, the trains will not run at all if the one mildly hot day we had this week is any example.


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