Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hot = Go Slow

Dammit internet, I'm still here!

I get up every day and pray to the gods of fate that my journeys on V/Line will be pleasant and fast and uneventful. The gods of fate answered me and told me the wish would be granted on one condition: Cease and desist thy petty ponderings and complainings!

And so I have been quiet through many happenings. Blissfully I avoided the 2+ hour delays that plagued some commuters a few weeks ago on the homeward journey. I endured sickness yesterday and avoided a late 17.13 service. Unfortunately the gods of fate did not uphold their end of the bargain.

Hot weather struck, and millions spent on upgrading tracks & signals were all for naught as several peak hour services were reduced to crawling between Lt River & Lara and again between Northshore & Nth Geelong until we arrived around 25 minutes late at Geelong Station.

I feel for the people on the 17.29 "Flagship" 45 minute FAST train who were stuck behind us, at least until Lara when they changed tracks and went past us, only to find themselves stranded just after the Lara crossing and waiting for us to go past again due to another Melb-bound train (I think) ... what a debacle!

An aside: Can V/Line please make its mind up what it is going to do with 1st Class? I don't give a rats arse about getting a refund when more and more services are "one-class" but trying to persuade me not to buy a 1st class ticket when I've specifically stated that's what I want, please, I have the intelligence to work out after several months of the new timetable exactly which services have a 1st class carriage and which don't (the star on the timetable is a big help!). I'd rather take a service that gets me in 5 mins earlier than the Flagship service (that always runs at 51 minutes, not 45) and have a peaceful and comfortable journey home, than be crammed in a packed V'locity in seats that are smaller than 1st class, not adjustable, no curtains to cut out the sun-glare and have to put up with the "general" public and queue up at the station before the one I want to get off at because every bastard wants to get off first and lines up blocking the walkways.

There you go, I started whimsical and silly and ended on form. I'm back and V/Line you are still pathetic despite the glossy propaganda pamphlets you put out declaring otherwise. Spend the money on providing a decent & reliable service not spouting bullshit. That's my job. ;-)

p.s. Screw you Gods of Fate too, the deal's off!


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