Tuesday, October 18, 2005

From Apathy to Resigned Frustration in 1 Easy Step

Greetings & Salutations from the apathetic whinger!

I've just clocked up my first month in my new job, and have seen a number of V/line incidents (including the unfortunate death of a foolish young girl which then resulted in the inconvenience a week later of train drivers deciding that bunches of flowers caused them stress, so they called a one day strike without warning).

However, I've been able to bear the usual 2 or 3 times a week of typical inconveniences until tonight.

Not only was the 4.40pm late (track upgrade/signal upgrade of $millions & we still go slow?), but the train stops about 150m out from Geelong station for several minutes whilst apparently we wait for a Melb bound train to depart.

3 platforms to choose from at Geelong Station & an express train (already running late) is sitting idle for around 7 minutes in the middle of nowhere.

Well done V/Line!

$100's millionsin upgrades later and the "5 or so minutes" saved for a peak/express service is eaten up by sitting in the middle of nowhere!

Keep the comments rolling in ... we're almost up to 2+ years of disruptions & bad service ... roll on the Commonwealth Games in March next year, I'm sure it will all be fixed before then! (HAHAHA, yeah right!)

p.s. we'll never know the true cost of the upgrades/new trains, as V/Line & State Government have incorporated a subsidiary body called V/Line Passenger Pty Ltd, which holds all documents etc relating to the project, thus making it not subject to FOI legislation. Nice transperancy & accountability there!