Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where is the Whinger?

Has he self-immolated in a ball of rage? Fallen off the perch? Given up on the 9 ~ 5 rat-race and found a mountain to sit on & become a Guru Hermit?

Well not exactly.

The boring answer is I had Easter>extra leave, got pretty sick, so had sick leave & then the only day I actually went to work I was made redundant along with 40 of my colleagues (such is the nature of IT sector at times).

Ironically I bought a montly ticket on that day too & when I eventually went home for the 4.07pm, you guessed it, it wasn't at the platform & was late arriving. Hehe, I had to laugh.

So I've been enjoying sleeping in for the past few weeks, but will be back on the train irregularly & hopefully regularly as I start looking for a job in earnest this week.