Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The logic of V/line yet again ........

Sorry, been absent for a bit. Have kind of given up on regular whinging and settled into the apathetic chant of "at least I get home eventually".

Tonight deserves special mention for a good demonstration of V/Line logic on how to piss off the maximum amount of customers as possible at once.

This was achieved by various means. Firstly by cancelling the 4.13pm (which is a stop all stations train) and obviously not informing those passengers that the next train (the 4.40pm service) is an EXPRESS service & the next stop all stations is the 4.55pm

The end result? An overcrowded 4.40pm which did not depart on time & whose passengers were left uninformed (as usual) as to what the delay was. To add insult to injury, the charming conductor cheerfully announces that we would now become a stop all stations service due to the cancellation of the previous train.

So bad luck to anyone who had any plans for tonight or who were hoping to make it to Geelong on time (for the record we were 30 minutes late eventually).

Amazingly, we still sat at the station until 4.50pm! So the logic of making the 4.40pm a stop all stations was made a mockery of when 5 minutes later the 4.55pm would leave anyway!

Let's not mention the faux pax from the lovely conductor when she announced "let's hope we get to Geelong in ONE piece" ... ummm even I cringed at that callous & thoughtless remark. Given the trajedy recently in Kerang, you'd have hoped she would have engaged her brain before saying something as stupid as that.

Well done V/line, for continuing the poor service & failing to inform your passengers in a timely fashion and choosing the most illogical way to solve issues.

let's not mention the two or three times when the 4.40pm hasn't run (or run late) and the 4.55pm was overcrowded. Luckily each time that happened I'd already bailed on the 4,40pm and gone and got a seat on the 4.55pm - no thanks to lack of announcements from Vline about what was going on!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think i know who the conductor was and it doesn't suprise me. she is normally just sitting up the front with the driver

22/6/07 9:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On an unrelated whinge:

Ballarat has water restrictions that involve no car washing.
I drove past the maintenance shed of EDI today and saw them washing down a Velocity with a pressure hose.

I sure hope that was from a tank or bore water source, or else its a fair old waste.

11/7/07 6:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could have been smeared in grafitti, or ran over something Ie animal on track, and needed washing, also the EDI facility uses recirculated & recycled water to wash the trains.

16/7/07 11:56 pm  
Blogger sueglossy said...

Yes, I'd say that is fairly insensitive.
Whilst I rarely take Vline, it would probably be a safe assumption to say that Connex is much worst. Vline are just a few paces ahead, that's all.

What really irritates me is when my train is 9 minutes late and I see 4 people in the driver's cabin. All of them laughing, smiling and eating cake (much like in Hot Fuzz). What's worst is that the driver drives extremely slow. Why? Apparently due to braking problems, the Siemens trains must approach stations at something like 20k/hr. What's even more stark is the fact that Connex was aware of the braking problems in 2004 when a shunt at Williamstown depots went wrong and a Siemens crashed.

Aren't they lovely?

I have a blog, incidentally, at:

4/8/07 8:10 pm  
Anonymous 4wd'n shooter said...

yay thats what we need, more "assumptions" from idiots who wont eat meet and arn't old enough to know any better. you whinge that your services arnt frequent enough at 20mins our trains are atleast an hour most of the time.

5/8/07 5:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, i need a whinge..

So more people have taken the government's advice and are taking publlic transport to work (or is it just petrol prices?).
What is really pissing me off at the moment (apart from the ever decreasing number of carriages on services and over-crowding) is the lack of carparking spaces. It's now becoming almost impossible to find a spot at Geelong and Sth Geelong stations. I've also noticed that cars parked on the nature strip at Sth Geelong are now being booked. Just great, slog the hard working tax payer again. Way to go! Why can't Vline/Geelong council develop the grass lands adjacent to the existing Sth Geelong carpark and extend? If the land is private, buy it. For god's sake - DO SOMETHING! The problem is only going to get worse!

21/8/07 11:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why not lobby the councillor John Mitchell for assistance he also work for V/Line.

you will also find that a few of the staff park in the public carpark eventhough they have a seperate compound!

28/8/07 8:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why not lobby the councillor John Mitchell for assistance he also work for V/Line.

you will also find that a few of the staff park in the public carpark eventhough they have a seperate compound!

28/8/07 8:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4wd'n and shootn,

Just because you have it worst, doesn't mean we shouldn't whinge. All whinges, rest assured, are merited.
Also, stop attacking vegetarians - at least they're not as water-intensive as us meat-eaters.

8/9/07 4:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1729 is to be cancelled for the footy on fri

18/9/07 2:01 pm  
Anonymous the accused said...

has anyone seen the whiner? i am worried

11/10/07 10:45 am  
Blogger vlinewhinger said...

Never fear the whiner (whinger actually) is still around!

13/10/07 11:17 am  

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