Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lucky for V/Line this is not Argentina!

It's been a while since my last post, aside from the usual ups and downs (4.40pm late at least twice a week & mornings getting slower) there haven't been too many "whinge-worthy" events. Or maybe I am becoming desensitised!

Not so the commuters in Argentina, who apparently went on a riot due to poor service!

Lucky for V/Line we are more docile here and the worst they can expect from me is this blog :)

It's a bit late, but apparently this blog (and connexwhinger) got a mention on the Age website (again)

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Blogger P said...

Ok this isn't a whinge, but a technology suggestion.
Maybe the technology isn't ready yet, but maybe it could be soon.

Vline had an awful fatality last week because a member of the public failed to stop at train tracks.

I was thinking:
What could change someone's behaviour to not try and race a train when a flashing red light is already active?

I think the answer is the fear of hitting something personally valuable.
If I saw a person on the road on the tracks , I would stop.
If I saw a dog on the road I would stop (Yet some wouldn't)
If a child was on road, I think almost everyone would stop.

If somehow a hologram projection could show a a boom gate, as well as a person on the road holding up a stop sign, (At a crossing where only lights are installed currently) then I think 8/10 drivers would slow down for this "ghost"

If this hologram could cost much less than the $60000 required for a boom gate (eg: $5000-$10000) then in all likelihood it would become more widely adopted by small councils.

Would you stop for an apparition?

The technology would have to improve to work in all kinds of conditions (Rain, Fog, Bight lights etc), but could really scare drivers into driving sensibly at level crossings

Even if this worked it would not stop all accidents. The Kerang train crash could have been exactly the same if boom gates were installed, yet the driver was immobilised at the wheel.
But it could stop some.

9/6/07 10:58 pm  

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