Monday, April 17, 2006

One year on ...

It is around a year that I started writing this blog. I think almost to the day. A year ago the 16.40 was the train I complained most about, and a year later nothing has really changed.

I know several people who regularly complain to V/Line, so you can be sure they know customers are less than happy with the continual delays, cancellations etc. However as 'Cooper' has said in the past, as V/line is a monopoly, they have no fear of losing business really, unlike say a private bus operator who had to tender for a contracted route for example.

I've had a week or so off work and been busy with this and that and just noticed the comments on the blog over the last few days (for some reason my MSN Messenger has stopped alerting me to new emails ... )

I really can't add to anything more that has been said, other than what I have said in the past. I pay for a service that is not being delivered as much as it should be. I try not to "attack" the front line workers (ie conductors) my criticisms lay squarely with the senior management of V/Line and the State Government.

The priority should be public transport. It doesn't take much forethought to see that the days of private cars being a viable option for transport are fairly numbered. Government & operators should have a long range plan to improve infrastructure and linking services between Metropolitian and regional centres, it is the more efficient means of transporting people and goods.

As for the reasons why I do this blog, well ... as I've mentioned before, it is carthartic at times to vent a bit of spleen. I should not have to justify myself to individuals whose arguments consist of attacking me as a person for expecting to get a service I pay for. To speak on your level ... next time you go to McDonalds wearing your Moccassins and checked shirt, would you accept no fries & a stale bun served up to you 15 minutes after you ordered?


Tomorrow sees me back on the trains for the first time in a week. I better remember to buy a ticket tomorrow morning! Will return to more regular updates hopefully, although I do intend to stay in Melb a few nights the coming week or two.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Another Monday ...

6.20am left bang on time from Geelong Station today & despite a slow spot between Werribee and Laverton, we arrived at Southern Cross right on time (if not a bit earlier). Which to be honest is fairly common for the morning trains in the past few weeks.

I'm not sure about the later peak trains in the morning from Geelong?

I really don't understand why it all falls apart in the afternoon peak? Maybe someone can explain that to me, but logically shouldn't the new trains coming on stream take the pressure off maintaining the existing fleet? Perhaps my thinking is too simplistic.

I realised I've been doing this blog on and off for about a year now, I wonder if things will settle down in the next year or in a years time will I be writing the same old type of entries that seem to annoy at least one person who has read the blog of late.

I really don't care how many people read this and I'm certainly not a narcisist, but mostly I aim to vent some spleen in a mostly humourous manner (think Grumpy Old Men). I think I have fair license to complain and whinge given the overwhelming evidence of incompetence of both the government departments and V/Line management in providing a sub-standard service.

In regards to other's opinions who seem to contradict mine, here's a link that might appeal to you (I know I laugh when I read what this guy writes), it's probably more up your alley.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

An all quiet week?

At least for the most part, the train services I caught during the past week were more or less on time. Crowded at times, yes, but mostly on time. I did hear some reports from a regular on the 16.07 that it had issues this week that apparently be solved by it becoming a 'Vulture' train. Hmmm yet another peak hour service without a 1st class service for those of us prepared to pay for that extra bit of comfort.

See how we go next week.