Sunday, April 15, 2007

An okay week ....

Well last week was a fairly quiet week for whinging, most trains I caught were on time, aside from one of the morning services, which was due to the now semi-regular stop just before North Melbourne in the mornings.

I caught the 6.00am from Geelong most days, and the 17.13 twice and 16.40 twice. Happily both the afternoon trains were actually on (or near on-time) and were actually at the platform to board before departing on time.

There also seemed to be a lack of the "pause" in the yards after leaving Spencer Street Station. Although I think it did happen on Thursday night, but we made the time up.

Not wanting to jinx myself for the coming week, but as most people would be back from any Easter Holidays, I reckon it will all fall apart for V/Line this week! I really hope I'm wrong!

The train troubles seemed to happen for work colleagues though on Connex, with the Hurstbridge (I think) line being stopped due to some nutter wandering on the tracks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok - this weeks Vline whinge is a bit out of the ordinary.

I happen to live near a railway line in Ballarat, and for the past week I've been conecerned as to what the freight trains kept hitting a block before they came my house.

It sounded like 3 consecutive gun shots going off when the freight train went past, and was loud enough to wake me from sleep.

I thought the had an issue with the track, a loose sleeper, or tree that every train kept hitting.

After being on the passenger train today, I experience the same banging noise at the same spot, and asked the Vline staff if there was a problem.

No problem they say, we're using detonators to slow down the trains before the crossing works 3km down the track.

a)It would have been great if they actually informed the residents first

b) An honest quetsion- can an engineer explain to me how 3 detonators are used to halt each rain, then be reset. I'd really like to know how it works

c) Are there explosives laying on the train track near my house that I could go and play with as a result? (THIS IS A JOKE)

19/4/07 9:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

detinators are small explosive "caps" that are laid on the track a certain distance apart.

when they go off it alerts the driver that a flagmen is ahead.

the train maynot stop but will definanlty run a a reduced speed. once the train has past fresh detinators are placed on the track

23/4/07 11:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

esxterHis name is Geoff Arther he is the dickhead operational manager at vline to contact this idiot ring 96191111 to voice your whinges at the stuff ups at vline train services

geelong RoEn

28/7/12 10:03 pm  

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