Sunday, March 26, 2006

16.40 Friday Fun again

If only picking the lottery tickets was as easy as picking that the journey home is going to be screwed up.

16.40 was late again docking for boarding, and whilst the minutes ticked by, suddenly (with no immediate announcement) the throng of unhappy commuters washed over the platform to where the 16.55 train & carriages were sitting.

It was then announced the 16.55 was now the 16.40. So dutifully like sheep, we all boarded. I sat with a older gentleman and we joked about the situation, truly it is the only way to deal with the farce that is daily commuting on V/Line.

Seems a few people were rightly confused as to which service we were on, as the 16.40 only stops at Nth Geelong and onwards. We had two V/line conductors, plus a senior V/Line customer service guy (who got on at Nth Melb). Train was pretty overcrowded.

Although we left late (by about 10 minutes I think), we managed to scrape into Geelong station only 13 minutes later than normal. I managed to negotiate the carpark & get out fairly quickly.

I'm thinking of doing a bit of 'viral marketing' ... anybody want a T-shirt that says "V/Line sucks" - have your say at



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the idea behind the set swap was to keep the train on time but the train wasnt ready and it had less seating capacity!! the 1655 was right behind it- plenty of seats!!

i was at North Melbourne where a V/line supervisor was keeping us informed of the delays. i wish they could do that more often.

27/3/06 4:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be attending a business meeting in Geelong today with regional managers and will be raising each of your points in a round table discussion so that we can find solutions to some of these problems.
Certainly, we need to find ways of getting information regarding service cancellations out to the public. I'll be really hammering this issue over the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

29/3/06 7:21 am  
Anonymous then i said...

No entries this week. everything must have been on time or early!! or your loosing your spirit!! keep up the good work dont give up!!

31/3/06 7:18 pm  
Anonymous jade said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1/4/06 4:30 pm  
Blogger vlinewhinger said...

Keeping us informed is certainly appreciated, or the reason for a delay.

Basically what regular commuters want is a service that they can rely on. There have been periods lately that literally almost every day there seems to be delay or overcrowding.

And yeah this week mostly ran on time on the services I caught at least.

p.s. "Jade" I removed your comment because you are clearly the 5 year old as you cannot express your point with profanity, a sign of someone with lesser intelligence & education. If you were familiar with commuting from Geelong to Melbourne you'd know most people would prefer NOT to drive.

1/4/06 7:30 pm  
Anonymous Jade said...

Removed it because you would be suprised how many people would agree with me? I catch the train every day and night, and i have no problems, there are days where it is late, but grow up love, i hate people like you who actually put bags on the seat, i pay for a first class ticket and dont think it's fair that shit heads like you take up the seats. I think v/line should start cracking down on people like yourself... hm.. there is one conductor who does that, im sure you dont pay for that seat for your bag do you? And no, i am not 5, people like you just disgust me, especially when you're probably older than 30, and you go home and post on your little blog, haha. Dont you have a wife and kids to look after instead of constantly giving v'line the shits??

2/4/06 8:00 am  
Anonymous then I said...

now now you two!! people are entitled to their opionin.
but no need to degrade with bad language.
best he write an entertaining and enlgightening Blog than act on agression.
brilliant work Mr Whinger.

2/4/06 8:30 am  
Blogger vlinewhinger said...

Actually Jade, if the carriage is clearly going to be full, I don't put my bag on the seat, especially not when someone comes up to the seat.

You're entitled to your opinion, but any argument you've offered so far has been reduced by the fact you need to punctuate it with profanity and personal attacks.

Whether I'm over 30, married with kids or not is irrelevant. What we are talking about here is the service that V/Line (and the Government) is not providing us.

The amount of time I spend on my blog is probably less than an hour a week.

You've not offered which services you catch, and if you are a first class traveller you obviously enjoy the fact that the Vulture trains offer you less for your money.

I talk to quite a few people who catch the trains from Geelong to Melb every day, and I can assure you from my experience, that you are in the incredible minority.

All we want is a train service that runs to the times advertised & without the uncertainty that we've experienced. Currently it is just so hit and miss.

2/4/06 11:52 am  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Jade, do you and your ilk live in some kind of parallel universe?

How can people be posting hard facts about cancellations and delays that are acknowledged by V/Line, yet you claim not to have a problem? The odd person makes the same claim about Connex trains too.

As V/Line Whinger rightly points out, even if the trains are going to be delayed, it wouldn't take much effort to TELL PASSENGERS WHAT'S HAPPENING! And, unsurprisingly, this is the same problem Connex has.

14/4/06 7:58 am  
Anonymous simon said...

Jade i hear you are the girlfreind of a staff member why the hostility? is your partener in "crime" one of the appethetic ones??

17/4/06 10:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said... is obviously someone else who finds v/line is STILL failing it's passengers.

13/1/13 8:27 am  

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