Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Perfect Train!

Last night (Wed night) I hung around a bit in Melb and socialised, and sauntered down to Southern Cross in time for the 19.20 back to Geelong, in the process I actually found that I could enter the station via Lt Collins St as they've put another set of traffic lights there (I feel sorry for motorists ... where pedestrians conveniently went UNDER the road in the tunnels, now we press the button and stop the traffic).

Pretty much nobody in 1st class on the 19.20, great. I also realised that the travel time is very subjective, even though it is a stop all stations train, it doesn't seem to bother me. Must be a peak-hour thing.

6.20 this morning ran fine (as it almost always does), social experiment #1 put my bag on the floor but nobody sat next to me today, fatty boombahs moved further down the carriage.

How did peak hour run Wed night?


Anonymous cooper said...

The 4.40 went well actually until I got to Geelong where it had to wait for the 4.07 to return making us 10 mins late.

I spoke to someone from Vline today and they said to expect more cancellations of the 4.40 after the Olympics as a lot of the engines need maintenance and the 4.40 is the easiest one to cancel. (her words)

Happy days coming up.

23/3/06 2:37 pm  

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