Monday, April 03, 2006

Another Monday ...

6.20am left bang on time from Geelong Station today & despite a slow spot between Werribee and Laverton, we arrived at Southern Cross right on time (if not a bit earlier). Which to be honest is fairly common for the morning trains in the past few weeks.

I'm not sure about the later peak trains in the morning from Geelong?

I really don't understand why it all falls apart in the afternoon peak? Maybe someone can explain that to me, but logically shouldn't the new trains coming on stream take the pressure off maintaining the existing fleet? Perhaps my thinking is too simplistic.

I realised I've been doing this blog on and off for about a year now, I wonder if things will settle down in the next year or in a years time will I be writing the same old type of entries that seem to annoy at least one person who has read the blog of late.

I really don't care how many people read this and I'm certainly not a narcisist, but mostly I aim to vent some spleen in a mostly humourous manner (think Grumpy Old Men). I think I have fair license to complain and whinge given the overwhelming evidence of incompetence of both the government departments and V/Line management in providing a sub-standard service.

In regards to other's opinions who seem to contradict mine, here's a link that might appeal to you (I know I laugh when I read what this guy writes), it's probably more up your alley.



Anonymous simon said...

the problems are so many trains all in one area going in and out of one or two bottlenecks. the track layout is antiquated at best and has been reduced due to the new station works. in the morning all of the trains are timetabled to run out to south geelong or marshall all these trains are heading in the same direction. also they head out almost an hour before their departure time.
also in the afternoon rollingstock maybe late coming from some minor or even major repairs. then tere is plain old apathy some staff turn up at the last minute and take their time others are aware of the importance of getting people where they need to be when they need to be there. now that the new trains are in service the existing fleet can be properly maintained. Vline have also introduced a few new services recenly which utilises the extra carraiges. these are not excuses by any means they are a few of they contributing factors.

the link makes a good read!

5/4/06 12:38 pm  
Anonymous Traveller said...

Three things I like about TSFKASS (The Station Formaly Known As Spencer Street)

1. The design is quite startling. I love being able to look down on the shabby patched country train roofs.

2. The roof leaking today on the Bourke St overpass.

3. The skill in covering up the unfinished bits for the games. It is just amazing what plywood and duct tape will do...

No report back from the V-line King Arthur and his round table managers meeting?

5/4/06 7:36 pm  
Anonymous simon said...

"No report back from the V-line King Arthur and his round table managers meeting?"

very ironic that in the heat of passion an insider has promised that all will be delivered. just another proken promise. at least we know that this person works for vline now

6/4/06 7:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps V/Line is like most other workplaces and doesn't allow its employees to talk to media outlets... this isn't uncommon practice and I'm sure V/line management are aware of this blog.

13/4/06 8:55 am  
Anonymous simon said...

then why say anything before hand??

yet again more broken promises

are you the same person that proclaimed retribution in the meeting or are you just as nieve?

13/4/06 2:45 pm  
Blogger Connex Whinger said...

Simon - bottlenecks everywhere... I'm an early starter normally, but now and again I go in a bit later. It often seems there's a delay once you get close to Flinders Street, just as there is on the rare occasions when I catch a V/Line or CountryLink train into Spencer Street.

And on the subject of Spencer Street, I happened to be down that way for the first time since well before the Games. How much did we pay for that?! Batchelor, you are an absolute disgrace. You whinge about what it would cost to provide free public transport, then you blow hundreds of millions of dollars on that eyesore. I can't wait to see you booted out of office, you weasel.

14/4/06 8:10 am  
Anonymous traveller said...

Slightly off topic...

I saw a "Velocity" set the other day that had small tables between facing seats. Since that sighting I have not seen another set with the same features.

Was I just halucinating because the 1640 was actually available for boarding before departure time?

Could it be that V-line has maybe just one set with tables (sort of a faux first class for brouchure purposes)

Perhaps King Aurthur might respond?

14/4/06 8:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

obviously workin in IT and travellin in first class you think you have the power to take over the world. You have one of the most negative attitudes I have ever met. This blog is comical! I bet you blame Vline when your alarm doesnt go off in the morning cos obviously its their fault!
Most vline services run late due to the surburban network connex look after themselves by running their electric trains in fornt of most peak vline services, they can do this cos they control the surburban area! You should be whinging to bachelor he is the one responsible for allowing what goes on!
The car park situation at geelong is caused by Gordon students parkin there when it is clearly outlines as a train travellers park.
The safety announcements on trains about platforms being available is there because of idiot passangers who stupidly jump off the wrong side of trains! Announcements are continually made because idiot passangers fail to comprehend announcements and signage around stations.
The majority of commuter passangers think they are better than both vline and other passangers, how many times do you see arrogant passangers not closing doors behind them, spreading themselves all over those around them eg laptops and newspapers! Frownin when asked to show their tickets (Even on uncrowded services!)
On the 1713 a few weeks ago I pissed myself laughin when three ladies whinged about not havin seats on a three velocity set train. these 3 ladies failed to even look for a seat and automatically grilled the conductor! the conductor came back and informed the ladies thats seats were available in abundance down the front of the train! Once again some pass Angers need to pull there head out of their behinds!
Instead of ventin your spline on here why dont you write all your bright ideas on paper and send them into someone! afterall you think you have an answer for everything! next time your at work in your IT field and something doesnt go as planned let us know and maybe we can get stuck into you!

14/4/06 4:27 pm  
Anonymous simon said...

"The car park situation at geelong is caused by Gordon students parkin there when it is clearly outlines as a train travellers park."

dont forget the staff that have an area available to them but still disadvantage passengers by using public parking

15/4/06 9:55 am  
Anonymous traveller said...

Ouch!! I've never suffered from ventin of the spline, sure must be painfull!

Perhaps "anonymous" should learn to spell, and and adopt the name "V-Line Apologist."

Customers complain when they do not get the service or product they have paid for. If I pay for timetabled service to Melbourne, I expect that I'll get just what the timetable states.

If I choose to pay for a first class fare, I'd like the service first class provides.

It's that simple.

It is bloody disturbing to see comments in this blog that appear to come from people who have inside knowledge, and give real reasons why delays occur.

I'd love to hear a station announcement saying that due to staff apathy, the 1640 will be running 15 min late.

I'd love to hear the conductor on the 620 tell us that those bastards from Connex had got in front again and caused a delay of 20 min.

Tell us all Mr/Ms Apologist, are you a card carrying freeloader? If I didn't have to pay, I guess I'd whinge about people complaining about the service.


15/4/06 7:28 pm  

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