Friday, December 08, 2006

A clean sweep! - late again!

As I predicted, 4 days in a row LATE (and if I'd been at work on Monday & caught my usual train the 17.13 it was late that day too, so would have been 5 days LATE).

Tonight I caught the 4.40pm and guess what ... we caught up to the 4.07pm which was running late & as it is a stopping all stations train, we had to crawl along. So we ended up being around 15 minutes late.

Ummm correct me if I'm wrong but are there not change-overs or whatever they are called that allow a faster train to overtake a slower train (obviously as long as there is no other train coming the other way). We caught up at Werribee, we could have passed at Lt River or Lara, but nope ....

F#$King pathetic V/Line ... but as I knew this would happen (no matter which train I aimed for tonight) I'm not all that fussed, just resigned to the week being totally crap service. Come on, you've had MONTHS to work out this time-table and settle things in.

I see weekend services have been replaced by coaches, I guess they are scared the trains can't handle the heat tomorrow, so have to keep them tucked up in the shade. Even the brand new V'locty's ... can you spell WHITE ELEPHANT?


What I don't understand is how the majority of the time the morning trains can run okay (except for the Flagship service in the morning which I know from friends who catch it is ALWAYS late by at least 10~20 mins) but when it comes to the afternoons, the wheels (well not literally) fall off and it seems to be all too hard.

Anyway, the weekend is here & I can forget the woeful service, at least until Monday.


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