Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mornings are stuffed!

Both yesterday and this morning the 6.20am has been late. Yesterday was due to signal problems between Hoppers Crossing & Aircraft and this morning, no idea but we were nearly a good 15 minutes late.

Last night the 17.13 was late, mostly due to either the 16.40 or 16.55 running late. Ended up being around 10~15 minutes late (I didn't really pay much attention in the end).

I had an interesting chat to the conductor before getting on. I do feel for the conductors as most of the time they are not told why delays are happening (for trains departing at the station). He made the observation to me that Vline customers seemed perpetually unhappy compared to Connex customers (where he had worked previously).

After last week's debacle, is it any surprise!?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there whinger.

have you heard about First class it will be either $3 for short journeys (geelong- melb)or $6 for longer trips. looks like you may have some company!!

29/12/06 1:01 am  
Blogger Mat said...

Hey you realise that First Class is only avlible ON SELECTED SERVICES ONLY.

8/2/07 6:00 pm  

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