Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Swapping Morning Trains ....

I caught the 6.01am from Geelong today. For the first time in around a year it was a two-car Sprinter.

Last year before it changed to a loco-drawn train of one 1st class and two (three?) economy, the two car sprinter had quite a few spare seats. Obviously as people gravitated towards the service, it has become a bit fuller.

I know conductors count numbers, so who is the bright spark in V/Line who decided to stick a 2-car Sprinter on a service that has obviously expanded in patronage!

I reckon there must be a shortage of carriages again, as I noticed the 6.44am has dropped a 1st class carriage as well (it normally has two). So once again 1st class passengers are being shafted.

V/Line should either bite the bullet & cancel 1st class on the Geelong line altogether OR provide a decent service & value to those who are prepared to pay the extra premium and not this half-arsed approach.

Still, the Sprinters do cut a few minutes off a stop-all stations ... and to be honest, I prefer them to the V'Locity white elephants, as I know which seat to aim for that gives me heaps of leg room & almost always guarentees no-one sits next to me.

Tossing up between comfort & earlier home today (17.13 vs 16.40).

p.s. interesting comment in feedback on track blog, re V/Line petitioning to have the 90 km.h increased on the A-grade tracks, makes sense.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you look at the 644 you will see that there was no real need for two first class carrages when only ten people would sit in the second first class carrige!
The 644 was made two first class carrages incase passengers wanted to travel 1st class however many people have adapted and now choose to travel economy on the velocity services! At the end of the day its personal choose

13/12/06 3:45 pm  

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