Thursday, January 04, 2007

Defective locos & fires by the track

Waited for the 17.13 last night (Wed) ... waited waited, and unfortunately it apparently had a defective locomotive, so we had to wait for another one.

Inquired as to whether it was expected to go before or after 17.29, helpful answer was "We don't know". So I made the decision to head for the 17.29.

Sat with a friend of mine for a catch up after new years, so that was all good, but then saw the 17.13 depart before us with just a few minutes before the 17.29 was due to go. I don't understand, a service is already late, which is going to hold up the express service after it, so they allow it to go ... meaning TWO services will be late on arriving.

Add that to some supposed "fire by the track" which delayed us even more, and the 17.29 got in around 15 minutes late ... even on holidays it seems the Flagship service has settled into an hour journey, the promise of 45 minutes long forgotten it seems.

One more journey tonight & then another break until Monday at least.

6.01am from Geelong ran on time arriving just on 7.01am at Melbourne.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you really must be devoid of any intelligence to continue to use a service that upsets you so much. you either need to just go with the flow (disruption are part of life, esp. on the rails), relax, read a book, have a few deep breaths, listen to the radio, do some work, have a nap etc... or drive or car pool(though you're probally too socailly maladjusted for car pooling to be an option) only a twit would allow himself to get so disturbed by something then continue to do it. whingers in all walks of life BEGONE FOUL BEINGS

commuter Tom "just chilling and enjoying my time constructivley"

11/1/07 1:36 am  
Anonymous Johny longprong said...

rather ironic there "TOM"

it would appear that you are whinging about whingers!!!

and how is a passive action "chilling" constructive as to be constructive one must acheive something.

12/1/07 6:31 am  

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