Monday, January 01, 2007

Holidays ending .....

My short break is about to end, and although I only face a few days this week on the Vline, I sit here and ponder, will 2007 be the year I can finally retire my blog? Will there be a miraculous culture change in VLine and the Government towards public transport meaning that logic and true customer service and reliability become the by-words are ingrained into the organisational culture.

Will "5 minutes is close enough" become like the Japanese credo of "1 minute is still LATE"!

We can but hope.

I draw some hope from the planned fare reductions coming in March and the introduction of '1st class upgrade' vouchers that have (very) quietly been launched, which enable regular commuters such as myself not to be disadvantaged by services lacking a 1st Class carriage/section.

All steps in the right direction. I really do hope I can retire this blog this year, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Blogger The Bangmeister said...

There is not a snow flakes chance in hell of you having to retire your blog in 2007. Vline service delivery just gets worse and worse. Another Vline whinger has joined the clan (Vline Traralgon Whinger)and from my experience Service Delivery at Vline just gets worse and worse. You have my sympathy for suffering the 'Service Excellence' of Vline.

2/1/07 10:35 pm  

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